halloween soon.

ooo shall i go as a witch or a slag-_-

vampire me thinx.


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[0005] *willow smith special!

listen to Willow Smiths song. Look at the cute little gal in the video. Hey, wait? Isn’t she Will Smiths’ 9-year-old daughter? YES!:)

Willow, who turns 10 this halloween, is a pint-sized ickle lassie with serious style

no joke.

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seriously though, wow guys, this chick can sing!



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facebook only lets you make ten accounts.


Never gonna win this competition.


Can’t go to korea.


ugh bye.

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tumblr ain’t working-_-

no ones voting for me and ellie‘s dance-_-

^if you’d like to vote click “voting” then leave a comment or click the pink like button!

maybe, at 3:00 in the morning, i should go to bed and tell my brain to shutup.

but ellie snores too loud so i can’t haaaa.

“thats not funny rosie?”
“jus’ saying!”
shutup retarded conscience!
“HAHA you called yourself retarded!!”
go away.
“soz beef gawshhh”
soz quorn.

i wanna be a billionaire too, but first i wanna go to korea!:)x

ádios amigós!;D

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katy perry, my idol!

katy perry.

she’s actually amazing. I love her so much. she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her. It’s so cool.

Making a ke$ha parody. Adiós.

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hi i’m rosie i’m thirteen.

In a perfect relationship that’s obviously too good to be true, which is shit, but i’m a teenager what can i expect? Major obsession with hair dye+paramore. Off to see them in november, think i’m having bleach blonde hair with a blue fringe.

clothes are sweet. topshop, urban outfitters, beasleys, h&m, and more:)

never have enough money tbh! starbucks is the meaning of life (but i hate coffee).

yep so no pics+crap todai folks.

adiós amigós!



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